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This page contains information about visiting West Point.  Jump right to the information you need with these links:

Visitor Control Center - get a pass to enter West Point's grounds

Getting to the West Point Area: Airports, Buses, Cars & Car Services, Trains

Where to Stay

Things to Do

Great Places to Eat

Gift Shops

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Visitor Control Center - since West Point is a United States Federal Military Installation and active Army Post, there are special procedures to enter.  

  • If you hold an active Department of Defense ID card, you may enter through any West Point gate.  You may be able to act as an escort for family traveling with you, but be sure to review this page to be sure your visitors are qualified and you are a qualified escort. 

  • Cadet parents and family members - you must obtain a West Point AIE (Automated Installation Entry) credential.  Parents of current cadets can obtain a pass valid for several years to cover the time your cadet is at West Point.  The Visitors Control Center can process your paperwork and issue your credentials.  Learn more here.

  • Cadet Candidates & Family Members coming for an admissions briefing and tour - check here before you arrive for the latest entry information on obtaining a West Point Local Area Credential.

  • West Point Football Game Day - please be aware that purchasing tickets to a football game will not allow you to access West Point.  You still need the proper ID to enter and you will need a parking pass.  More info can be found here.


In addition to the entry requirements, West Point may require proof of vaccination for COVID-19. 

Visitor Control Center
Getting to/From

Getting to and from the West Point Area:

Airports - the West Point area has a number of airports, and cadets from North Texas typically fly in to the big 3:  LaGuardia, Newark, and JFK.  Check these sites for specific information about transportation options, parking, nearby hotels, airport maps, luggage storage, and more.  All distances are from the airport to the main gate at 1 Thayer Road, West Point, NY.   We recommend using this address so your GPS doesn't take you to another West Point gate that may have restricted hours or be closed to non-military personnel. 


Buses - during certain times of the year (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.), West Point may contract with a bus company to sell bus tickets to get cadets to and from the major airports.  This will be announced directly to the cadets via email.  Cost is typically $31 one way.  For R-Day, have your cadet candidate check their candidate portal for information on what hotels to stay in and when the bus will run.  Typically cadet candidates who are unaccompanied by family members stay at an airport hotel and take a West Point bus to R-Day.    

Cars and Car Services - Each of the airports listed above support several rental car companies (Hertz, Avis, Budget, Alamo, Enterprise, etc.).  Be aware that car rental companies may not rent to those under 25. If you are driving, remember that New York has lots of tolls (get the toll tag option on the car!), and traffic can easily turn a 1 hour trip into 2 hours.  New York drivers are aggressive and you can expect to see a lot of police speed traps along the roads.  

An option for your cadet can be to have a car service pick them up.  Costs range from $85-$400+ one-way.

  • LaGuardia Car Service   Despite it's name, this car service provider operates from all major airports.  Scheduling is easy to do online and the prices include tips.  Cadets have had good luck ordering a car for themselves or going in a group and splitting the cost.

  • Access Transportation - serving all the major airports.    

  • Academy Taxi of West Point - located in Highland Falls, they have been taking care of cadets for more than 20 years.  They are authorized to enter West Point to pick up cadets near the barracks area.

  • Uber and Lyft work well when traveling from an airport to West Point, although traveling from West Point to an airport is not as good as there are limited drivers in the West Point area. At peak times these services can easily sell out as many cadets wait until the last minute to schedule transportation.

  • Some other options (thanks to the USMA 2024 Parents Chat Page)

Trains - This is an inexpensive option for cadets and can make a quick trip to the city on a weekend pass fun, especially when traveling with other cadets.  However, taking the train requires planning and more time.  If they have never taken a train before, it is recommended that they find a New York cadet in their company to show them the ropes.  Texas cadets are often naive about things like taking their wallet out in a crowded subway hall, forgetting to bring cash and a credit card, and how to read a train schedule.  Some tips on getting to/from West Point:

  • See if the free West Point Ferry is running.  This service is open at specific times when authorized by West Point, and it closes in the winter when the river gets icy.  This will take cadets to/from the Garrison Train Station, located across the river from West Point.  If the ferry isn't running, they will have to rely on a Firstie with a car, a taxi/uber or their cadet sponsor family to hitch a ride. 

  • The Hudson Line Train runs from Garrison Station to Grand Central Station several times a day and the ride is about an hour and 20 minutes long.  

  • From Grand Central Station, cadets typically take another train or a train & a short bus to LaGuardia, Newark and JFK airport.  The website RometoRio can show you exactly how to get there, the schedule and the costs. 

USMA 2024 Taxi list.png
Where to Stay

Where to Stay - There are several hotels in the area with prices ranging from $90 to more than $500 a night.  Expect prices to be $200-$350+ a night during peak times of the year such as football weekends, graduation, etc.  The hotels know West Point's schedule and they raise prices accordingly.  Also note that many hotels will sell out, so it is best to book as soon as you can. 


For graduation, call as soon as your cadet candidate is accepted and get on the waiting list (yes, we know that this may be 4+ years away, but the Thayer is already sold out for several class graduations!).  Most hotels require a 3 or 4 night stay during graduation.  

Class of 2022 - May 21, 2022 

Class of 2023 - May 27, 2023 

Class of 2024 - May 25, 2024 

Class of 2025 - May 24, 2025

West Point​ & Highland Falls area (1-20 minute drive to Thayer Gate)

Peekskill (25-30 minute drive to Thayer Gate)

Newburgh/Cornwall (25-30 minute drive to Thayer Gate)

Central Valley (25-30 minute drive to Thayer Gate) 

Nanuet (30-40 minute drive to Thayer Gate)

Fishkill/Poughkeepsie/Beacon (40 minute drive to Thayer Gate)

New Paltz (1 hour drive to Thayer Gate)

Things to Do - when you visit the West Point area, try to pick a mix of activities to help give your cadet a break from the grind of being at a service academy.  Be sure to leave time for naps, watching TV, doing laundry, and eating food they can't get in the mess hall.  Ask your cadet if they'd like to bring along a friend or two.  Not everyone's parents visit, and we guarantee that you'll learn a lot when you get to listen in on a group of cadets telling stories of their experience.

On/Near West Point - a word of advice - your cadet may want to show off the campus to you, or they may want to get as far away as they can.  Talk to them ahead of time to gauge their needs.  

West Point has very limited parking.  Ask at the gate for a parking map as West Point changes parking rules depending the activities for the day.  Caution: if you park in an unauthorized spot, you can expect that the military police will ticket and tow your car. 


Driving Distance from West Point - talk to your cadet ahead of time about what guidance West Point has issued on how far from post they can go.  It is not uncommon for Plebes to be restricted to being able to go only 5-10 miles from post.  During COVID these restrictions often applied to the upper class cadets as well.   

Things to Do

Walking Map of West Point

Eat & Gift Shops
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