The West Point Parents Club of North Texas is a social and support organization for the parents of cadets of the United States Military Academy and the United States Military Academy Preparatory School. Parents and guardians of current and former cadets at both West Point and the Prep School are eligible for membership. The club is a strictly voluntary organization open to parents or guardians of current and former West Point cadets, as well as parents of cadets enrolled in the US Military Academy Preparatory School. Approximately 150 families from across North Texas who are privileged to have a son or a daughter enrolled at West Point join together for monthly fellowship, information exchange, and fun. Centered on the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, our membership base extends as far west as Mineral Wells, as far east as the Tyler / Longview area, as far south as Waco, and north to the Oklahoma line. Our purpose is to provide a fun and welcoming forum for the parents of West Point and USMAPS cadets and to undertake a variety of activities in support of our cadets, our member families, and the Military Academy itself. If you fit our membership eligibility requirements, we hope you will join us!

Steps to Join WPPCNTX

Once your son/daughter has an appointment for USMA please complete the following:


**Don’t forget to order the Texas name tag here as it is very helpful when you attend local or national West Point functions. 

Top 3 Reasons To Join the West Point Parents’ Club of North Texas

Joining the West Point Parents’ Club of North Texas was one of the most important and fun steps we took in preparing for our West Point journey.  The many helpful West Point Parents’ Club's activities gave us the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the United States Military Academy at West Point so that we could better support and encourage our cadet. As a result, we developed valuable friendships that will last a lifetime. 

1. You’ll Get Answers to Your Many Questions
Becoming a member helped us to get the encouragement and the guidance we needed on a more personal and intimate level from other members. While I’m a big fan of the West Point Parent Facebook pages, there were just some topics I preferred not to discuss and have answered publicly. The first WPPCNT event we attended was the Cadet Candidate Ice Cream Social and we found it to be a lifesaver. We had so many questions about Reception Day (what to pack, where to stay, what to expect, how to communicate, etc.) and the upperclassmen and their families were there to help us navigate. We quickly discovered that no question was too insignificant and that the members of the club were always eager to help us and our cadet. Most importantly you’ll discover that whether your cadet is a Plebe, Yuk, Cow, or Firstie there is always a more experienced member that has traveled the path before you and is more than happy to share their words of wisdom in order to help you and your cadet succeed.

2. The Membership Dues Help to Fund Many Important Activities That Benefit Your Cadet         

From the Cadet Candidate Ice Cream Social, the Boodle Box Party, the Texas Tamale Tailgate to the gifts our Firsties receive in honor of their graduation from West Point; the membership fees are an important resource that helps pay for expenses related to these events. You’ll be assured that your investment is worthwhile since everything the club hosts is to assist families and help cadets succeed at West Point. 


3. You’ll Develop Life-Long, Meaningful Friendships
Without a doubt, there is a unique bond that develops with the parents of other West Point cadets. Together we face some of the same fears, obstacles, triumphs, and proud moments. We were very grateful and honored to meet families that made our journey so much easier and much more enjoyable.

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