There are a number of different websites and Facebook pages that will help parents stay in touch with West Point.  We've collected some of our favorites here. 
Receive Parent emails directly from the West Point Parent Liaison office:  List Serve sign-up
West Point Website Links:
West Point Web Page 
West Point Parent Page 
West Point Resources for Parents Page 
West Point Flickr Pictures
USMA Book Store and Cadet Store

West Point Museum Gift Shop

West Point Women’s Club Gift Shoppe

West Point Association of Graduates Website Links:
West Point Association of Graduates
WPAOG Flickr Pictures 
WPAOG Parent Resources Page
West Point Association of Graduates Gift Shop
Facebook Links:
West Point Parents Club of North Texas - our club!
West Point Parents
West Point Moms
West Point Dads
West Point Class of 2023 Parents 
West Point Class of 2024 Parents
West Point Class of 2025 Parents
West Point Class of 2026 Parents
Dean of the Academic Board
West Point Athletics
West Point Chaplains
West Point Garrison and Community   
West Point Association of Graduates  
United States Military Academy Prep School
West Point Admissions
We also recommend searching Facebook for your cadet's company page.  For example, F-1 Firehouse has a page, and so do many of the other 36 cadet companies.  
Other Useful Links:
West Point Society of North Texas
The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point 
(Book is available on Amazon)
Sandboxx - the easy way to send letters to cadets and deployed military personnel   

p. 36-37 has information on medical care, specifically p. 37 for “when away from West Point”. 

TRICARE is the military health system.  This brochure also includes information about receiving medical care when away from West Point.

Physical Readiness Tips from West Point

Physical Readiness Tips from WPPCNTX

2022 Toast our Firstie Parents

(meeting starts about 45 seconds into the video)


Toast our Firstie Parents bonus material: 

Understanding the Platoon Leader - Platoon Sergeant Relationship link.

Parent and Cadet Candidate Orientation 

(slides to the left, video below)

Reporting to the Cadet in the Red Sash Notes and video

Staying Connected Over the Summer

Frequently Asked Questions for R-Day and Cadet Summer Training (Beast!) Note: this document is from 2019 and includes lots of information that is still relevant about traveling to West Point and what to expect over the summer.  However, due to COVID, please understand that West Point may eliminate or alter some activities.  Be flexible!    

Advice for a West Point Parent:  A-Day

Red (Academics), Green (Military), White (Physical), and Gold (Character) Books 

West Point outlines the critical details of the education it provides in these 4 books.  They are now available in a digital format, but in years past they were printed and issued to cadets.  They got their names from the color of the covers used in the printed versions.  Check the top of this page for the latest editions.          

Check here for West Point's guidance on scholarships and education IRAs & 529 plans


Each year the Finance Office will send Cadets a letter about completing their taxes.  Our Club will do our best to obtain a copy of this letter too, but please check with your Cadet for the latest as sometimes this information is not released to the Parents Club.  As an example, here is the guidance provided to cadets for their 2021 taxes

Get a jumpstart on building your military skills with these videos (note - videos are on YouTube and you may have to skip the ad before they will play):

How to assemble an Army rucksack

How to assemble an Army Molle rucksack

How to properly adjust your backpack

How to pack your rucksack

How to lift a heavy rucksack 

How to take care of your feet

How to climb a rope

How to lace your boots so they are comfortable

Different ways to lace your boots

10 Things to bring to Beast and 5 Things to leave behind...a funny 10+ minute video from a Cadet with some time-tested advice.

Information on Boot Socks:

"Should we buy black, green (olive), white or brown boot socks?"  


Answer: Black or Coyote Brown for the outer sock, black/green(olive)/brown if you choose to wear a sock liner on road marches to prevent blisters.  



  • Boot socks come in a variety of thicknesses, be sure you have enough space in your boots for your toes.  Thick socks and tight boots = blisters, sore toes, and likely black toenails that will eventually fall off. 

  • Military socks should NEVER be made of cotton (holds water, doesn't dry well)

  • Wool socks or blends of wool such as Merino, are favored by the military and hikers.  They are generally comfy, durable, and keep you warm even when they get wet...but make sure you aren't allergic to wool.  

  • Synthetic socks are a great alternative to wool/wool blend socks.  They also typically dry much faster.

  • Be sure to wash your socks BEFORE you go to West Point and try them out.  Some socks shrink, or you may find out you need a thinner sock or larger size boots.

Here are links to some examples:

More Tips and Advice

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September 23, 2021 Club Meeting Slides.  Want to watch the recorded session?  Video (1 GB download).  Highlights:

      2:55 Recent Events Re-cap

     11:35 The Thayer Method Explained

     16:35 Tips for the Academic Year

     31:35 Online Resources Tour

     36:20 Q&A with two West Point grads who are also parents of three cadets and are both current teachers at West Point and USMAPs.

West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) Explained

West Point Parents Fund 2021

West Point Lingo & Acronyms

July 22, 2021 Club Meeting Slides.  Want to watch the recorded session?  Video (460MB download).  Highlights:

      4:25 Reorgy Week

     13:10 A-Day

     28:48 Academic Year

     39:05 Who is the TAC

     42:02 When/when not to call the TAC

     51:49 Upcoming Events 

Here is a link to a list of Cadet Clubs including academic, religious, military, hobby, diversity, and competitive clubs.

Summer Training 2021