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There are a number of different websites and Facebook pages that will help parents stay in touch with West Point.  We've collected some of our favorites here. 
Receive Parent emails directly from the West Point Parent Liaison office:  List Serve sign-up
West Point Website Links:
West Point Web Page 
West Point Parent Page 
West Point Resources for Parents Page 
West Point Flickr Pictures
USMA Book Store and Cadet Store

West Point Museum Gift Shop

West Point Women’s Club Gift Shoppe

West Point Association of Graduates Website Links:
West Point Association of Graduates
WPAOG Flickr Pictures 
WPAOG Parent Resources Page
West Point Association of Graduates Gift Shop
Facebook Links:
West Point Parents Club of North Texas - our club!
West Point Parents
West Point Moms
West Point Dads
West Point Class of 2023 Parents 
West Point Class of 2024 Parents
West Point Class of 2025 Parents
West Point Class of 2026 Parents
Dean of the Academic Board
West Point Athletics
West Point Chaplains
West Point Garrison and Community   
West Point Association of Graduates  
United States Military Academy Prep School
West Point Admissions
We also recommend searching Facebook for your cadet's company page.  For example, F-1 Firehouse has a page, and so do many of the other 36 cadet companies.  
Other Useful Links:
West Point Society of North Texas
The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point 
(Book is available on Amazon)
Sandboxx - the easy way to send letters to cadets and deployed military personnel   

p. 35-37 has information on medical care, specifically p. 37 for “when away from West Point”. 

TRICARE is the military health system.  This brochure also includes information about receiving medical care when away from West Point.

Physical Readiness Tips from West Point

2022 Toast our Firstie Parents

(meeting starts about 45 seconds into the video)

2022 Toast the Firstie Parents

2022 Toast the Firstie Parents

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Toast our Firstie Parents bonus material: 

Understanding the Platoon Leader - Platoon Sergeant Relationship link.